Go Into All The World

“And He said to them, go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” Mark 16:15


This command has always been something that scares me (notice I didn’t make that past tense, because it still scares me). I’ve never been one to want to go out of my comfort zone. Only in recent years have I even become a little more outgoing. But to go out into the world and share about the word of God is always something I’ve shied away from and “coincidentally”, it is always something that sticks out to me when reading devotionals or the Bible.

Along with not wanting to stretch my comfort zone, I have also reached a point in my life where I have no idea what my future holds (not that any of us truly do know). I have come to a stand still with job ideas and/or possible careers. With a love to travel that stemmed from studying abroad in college, and a love of fashion, I always envisioned myself living in a big city, working for a highly reputable brand in the fashion industry. After realizing that the only jobs I would be able to land (if any) wouldn’t pay for a one-bedroom apartment plus food and transportation in any major city, I have moved back to my small, southern hometown in Kentucky. Living in a small town, there aren’t a lot of job opportunities, especially ones that involve fashion, so I have had to put my dreams on hold for a while. Being back home has made me appreciate the closeness of my family and friends (not to mention traffic is nonexistent in small towns).

So, while my life is in it’s own awkward stage, I have been trying to figure out what my next step will be. With one door closing after another, I believe God has opened this door for me. This could be the start to something fun and inspiring to other people (Lord willing) while combining my loves for Jesus, fashion, beauty, photography, and writing. While I sit back and admire people’s careers through blogging and social media, I think this could just be an answer to prayer and I can’t wait to see what He has in store for this journey. With that said, God is telling me to GO and share and I hope you can enjoy this with me.

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