Happy November! Gratitude Challenge Week 1

Happy November, everyone! I am so excited that it is FINALLY the “holiday season”! I woke up this morning and listened to Christmas music while I went for a walk and it made me so happy. Before you get mad and start judging, I LOVE Thanksgiving just as much as anyone else. I love the food, the family time, the smells, and most of all the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (my FAVORITE event of the year)! I only listen to Christmas music and start celebrating early so that I can have plenty of time to enjoy it because time goes by so quickly and it will be all over before we know it.

For the month of November, I have decided to write weekly blog posts including seven things that I am thankful for. My college minister shared a gratitude challenge on Facebook that was made by Center Point Church in Lexington (the BEST) this morning and I have decided that I am going to use that as my template for sharing what I am thankful for. I will include the graphic below for those of you that want to participate as well. J

I hope every one of you have a blessed November and take the time to count your blessings. Xoxo


  1. Your Home

I am EXTREMELY grateful for the home I have. I have been overwhelmingly blessed with an amazing great aunt and uncle that would do anything for me. Two years ago when I decided to move back to Ashland, they wanted me to move into their open garage apartment and I gladly accepted. This has been the biggest blessing because I have made it a home for my kitty and me, and it is the coziest apartment on earth and I love it. I also have my mom’s home to go to which is also the most relaxing place to enjoy and spend time with her and I am so thankful.

  1. Creation

Fall is such an awesome time to enjoy creation with the nice weather and the beautiful leaves. I am blessed to live in an area that experiences all four beautiful seasons.

  1. Safety

I am very glad that I live in a place where I feel safe and don’t have to fear for my life everyday. I am grateful that I am able to live, work, worship, exercise, drive, and more and not be living in fear.

  1. The Cross

The cross is definitely something that means more to me than words could ever do justice. I am so extremely thankful that God sent His son to die on the cross so that I could have a relationship with Him. That is the single most important thing in my life and I could never say thank you to the Lord enough.

  1. Something You See Everyday

I am thankful for my sweet kitty, Derek. I truly look forward to seeing him everyday when I get home. He brings me so much joy and comfort and love. He is my little buddy and has been such a blessing for me when I have been lonely and sad.

  1. Something You Do Everyday

This one is something that I take for granted too often but I am so grateful for. I am thankful that I am able to get up out of bed everyday and do things on my own. I truly realize how blessed I am when I see someone in a wheelchair or someone that is handicapped in some way and I put into perspective how hard it is for them to even be able to do basic things on their own. It is a true blessing to be able to move on my own and just be able to rise up out of bed.

  1. Memories

The last one for this week is a good one. I love memories and sharing memories with loved ones and friends. I love being able to laugh over funny moments in the past and to think about sweet moments. We lost my first cat this time last year and that is a very sad memory, but I have so many good memories of him and I will cherish those forever.


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