Operation Christmas Child

Hi everybody! Today I want to share all about Operation Christmas Child with you guys. Operation Christmas Child is something that my family has done since I was a little girl. My mom used to be in charge of this whole project at our church, so it was always a fun thing at my house.

For those of you that don’t know what this is, Operation Christmas Child is a project by the Christian company Samaritan’s Purse. The goal of this project is to pack shoeboxes full of items to provide Christmas gifts to children in underprivileged countries that would otherwise not be receiving anything for Christmas and to share with these kids how much God loves them. The company has a whole team that receives, inspects, ships, and prays over all of these boxes. It is a simple project that you can do alone, with your family, or with a group.

So, you first start with choosing if you wish to create a shoebox for a girl or a boy, and then decide which age group you want. These tags are provided in flyers at drop off locations and online. *see photo below

Once you have chosen who you are catering this box for, you start shopping. I love going to the Dollar Tree or Walmart and picking out some goodies for the little kids. All appropriate items are listed online as well as what is not appropriate (toothpaste, candy, etc.). I like to pack a toothbrush, maybe some fun hair accessories for a little girl, a stuffed animal, some pencils and notepads for them to draw on, some socks, underwear, and anything else that they may need. You may also include a personal note or photo to send to the children as well.

Once you’ve picked out your items, you can wrap your box, wrapping the base and lid separately so that workers can check the boxes before delivery. Then, you can stuff your items, place your label on the outside of your box, wrap a rubber band around it, and drop it off at your designated location. If you don’t have a location near you or don’t have time to go out and buy items, you can actually pack a shoebox online here now for $25!

I had several large shoeboxes that have been sitting in my room for a couple months now and thought this would be the perfect thing to do with them. It’s such a fun, simple, and cheap way to give back during the holidays. I get so much and am so thankful for what I have and this is the least I could do for some sweet kids this holiday season. It is a great and easy way to share the love of Christ as well.

I love this organization so much and have always wanted to go abroad with them to see the faces of these kids light up when they get their shoeboxes. Maybe one day I will get to…

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