Hairstyles and Accessories I’m Loving Lately

One of my new year’s resolutions was to do more with my hair. In high school, I used to change my hairstyle everyday. Whether its was a bun, a braid, or a pony, I was always doing something different. Now, I’ve gotten in a rut of just doing beach waves every day. This is definitely in style and one of my favorite looks, but I just want to change things up this year and get back to having fun with my hair. Hair accessories such as clips, barrettes, scarves and scrunchies are super on trend right now, which is good for me because it makes for an easy way to play with my hair. So far, I have purchased a few clips and headbands that I love and I am going to link a bunch more at the end of this post for you all to shop! 🙂

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Another style I am loving right now is pull-through braids. In this photo, I did a rough version that I threw together in my car, but gave me an effortless look. This style is even easier than a regular braid and gives it a fuller look to give us thin-haired girls some thick hair. All you need for this is clear elastics! I will link a YouTube tutorial here for you guys to learn how to do this style 🙂

I got my inspiration for this hairstyle on Instagram when I saw a post of a girl with a bunch of hair ties and bobby pins in her hair. I thought this is such an easy look to achieve especially since I don’t have to worry about hiding my hair ties or pins! Anyone can do this look too, it looks chic but is so easy!

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