Summer ’19 Trends I’m Excited For

MY FAVORITE SEASON IS HERE! I know it’s not officially summer until June, but we all consider Memorial Day the start of summer, and besides, if my pool is open, I consider it summer. I am so happy that the warm months are here. I have so many fun things coming up, but those will be discussed later. This post is dedicated to all of the summer trends that I will be wearing this season. 

First off, hair accessories. I know I have touched base on how much I love hair accessories, but the more I get, the more I love them. Some accessories I’m most excited for are scarves, hair clips, and scrunchies. I have several of these at home and hope to accumulate more and more. Pic below for inspo

Second, Bermuda shorts. If you’re like me, you had every pair of plaid Bermuda shorts that American Eagle sold when you were in middle school. Looking back, I don’t know why I ever wore those, and when I first saw that these were coming back, I hated them. But, the more I see different styles, I am coming around. I bought this cute pair (here) from Target and love them. 

Third, beige. I have already discussed beige in another post, but it is by far my favorite aesthetic right now. It is so timeless, classy, and goes with everything. I’m slowly starting to turn my wardrobe into all neutral colors with beige being the focus. Pic below for summer beige inspo 

Fourth, small sunglasses. Big sunglasses were the thing for such a long time. I owned so many pairs and the bigger the better. Like Bermuda shorts, when the tiny sunglasses started to become popular, I wasn’t a fan. They looked terrible on my face and I thought I looked ridiculous. But, they are so much cuter if you wear them for the look rather than for blocking the sun (lol). The lower on the nose, the better and it will make you look so glam.

Last but not least, strappy sandals. I am OBSESSED with strappy sandals making a comeback. This 90s inspired look is so incredibly chic. It makes every outfit instantly 80000x more romantic. There are so many styles and colors coming out and it makes me want to buy every pair. Also, they all have a low heel, which makes them so much more comfortable than a stiletto.

I hope you all enjoy trying out new styles this summer, let me know in the comments what you’ll be wearing!

*all photos from Pinterest

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