It’s my 25th birthday! I wasn’t sure if I would write a post today or not, considering I didn’t know what all to say and figured it would be short. But, I wanted to at least write a little something.

I am so lucky to have people that love me and make my birthdays so special every year! Already this year, my mom has hosted a family brunch for me, taking me shopping, and sent me a candy bouquet. My aunt and uncle have hung signs on my apartment, brought me donuts and gifts, and sang happy birthday to me. My great aunt and uncle had gifts and balloons for me after work, and I came home to flowers from Kirk. I have a trip planned this weekend with family, and have several other fun activities planned throughout the month of September (we celebrate all month :)).

So, today I just want to say how thankful I am. I had a great year filled with trips to California, a new job, a couple trips to Florida and New York, and many great memories. Turning another year older is bitter sweet, but I am SO happy at where I am in my life right now. I wouldn’t go back to another year if I could. I love my life here in Kentucky, I have the best family in the world, I have the best boyfriend anyone could ask for, I have incredible friends, and I have my health. I’m so thankful that I am able to get up and walk, work, and enjoy this life.

I am excited to see what this next year brings. My best friend is having a baby any day now and my boyfriend and I already have exciting things planned. Thank you to everyone for wishing me a happy birthday!


Dear Lord,

Thank you for this past year. I’ve grown and have had so many amazing memories. I give this next year of my life to you. I want you to be at the center of every decision I make. I want to grow to be more like you every day, have a better attitude, and be more loving. Help me to praise you in everything. Thank you for another year.


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